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TGIF? Whatever the day of the week, the Daily Docket Scrapbook Stickers have you covered. These 143 stickers cover the moments of everyday life from the days of the week to coffee to celebratory smiles. It’s time to stick to new traditions and document your daily life in 2017. Years from now, you’ll enjoy looking back at your favourite monthly moments.

With their small size and range of icons, the Daily Docket Stickers are perfect for your scrapbook, planner or journal.

Daily Docket Stickers (3/pk)

SKU: 655613
  • ◾Includes three sheets of Daily Docket stickers

    ◾Sticker icons: days of the week and badges with hearts, arrows, stars and smiles

    ◾Includes daily calendar stickers such as a fork and spoon, coffee, alarm clock and checkmark

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