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Add stu-pen-dous details to your layouts with the Blue Chalking Pen. This double-sided, photo-safe pen has a fine tip for detailed doodles and a round tip for large typography and features unique ink that consists of chalk in classic blue and light blue. Clear when you first begin to write or decorate, the ink then becomes chalky blue after it dries in just a few seconds. Works on most shades of cardstock and refill pages, but the best chalking effect will happen on darker papers.

Blue Chalking Pen

SKU: 660761
  • ◾Pen features two tips — thicker dot tip and fine tip

    ◾1mm fine tip (blue) and 1.2mm round tip (light blue)

    ◾Blue pigment-based, bleed-resistant ink — works on most shades of cardstock and refill pages (best chalking effect on darker pages)

    ◾Photo-safe and fade resistant

    ◾Water-based pigment ink 

    ◾Made in Japan

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