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Make rest and relaxation your No. 1 priority with the Serenity Decorative Bundle! This tranquil scrapbooking kit includes a designer and Fast2Fab™-inspired designer paper pack, mats, stickers and laser-cut borders. Pair this bundle with photos of mindful moments like taking a walk with your family, enjoying a spa day at home, relishing a post-yoga lunch with friends and cooking your favorite recipe.

Serenity Decorative Bundle

SKU: B661366
  • Serenity Bundle includes:

    ◾1 x Serenity Paper Pack (12/pk)

    ◾ Serenity Fast2Fab™-Inspired Designer Paper Pack (12/pk)

    ◾ 1 x Serenity  Variety Mat Pack (24/pk)

    ◾ 1 x Serenity Stickers (3/pk)

    ◾ 1 x Serenity Laser Cut Borders (10/pk)

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